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Top 10 toys for 1-year-old boys

When your baby says goodbye to the newborn stage, it’s time for moms to think more about choosing toys for babies. In particular, choosing the right toys for a 1-year-old boy will help him play passionately, use all his senses and not “get bored quickly”.

Toys for 1-year-old boys not only entertain but also enhance awareness, develop thinking and motor abilities. Especially skills such as hand-hands-eye-ear-intelligence coordination…

Choosing toys for a 1-year-old baby that is suitable for the development stage will help children play, learn and develop comprehensively. Here is a list of 10 suggested toys for 1-year-old boys to help moms save time when shopping for babies.

1. Toys for 1-year-olds: Rattles

Rattles represent sound toys. This 1-year-old toy helps stimulate auditory development . When playing, children will be attracted to focus, know how to listen, classify and shape the response to sounds.

In addition to rattles, you can buy a few more toys for your 1-year-old baby, such as: drums, toy piano… they are also in the big family of sounds!

2. Yellow duck taking a bath is also very suitable as a toy for 1 year old baby

With more toys, bath time will no longer be “torture” for both mother and child. Mom can play freely and children can play freely. Besides, a few golden ducks not only make them happy but also help them learn about the world. You can start with the golden duck, then introduce the whole wild family to you.

You can teach your child about the color of that animal, teach him to imitate the sound of animal friends. Or you can also play a game of counting how many animals are in the bathtub, for example. Bath time should be fun , right?

3. The walker is a toy for a 1-year-old boy

Of course, a hyperactive 1-year-old boy who wants to be “moved” like that is indispensable for a walker. Toddler toys are also very suitable to be included in the list of toys for 1-year-old babies. They help your child quickly learn to balance and understand how their feet work. It also stimulates the child to move on his own every day without the need for a massage like when he was a newborn.

4. Bicycle

Bicycles designed for children could be an options for your little kids because practicing using bicycles could encourage your child to move more and learn some new skills with some fun at the same time.

5. Teddy bears, toys for babies under 1 year old

Teddy bears have a “mission” to help your baby develop touch and emotions. Because this is the kind of toy that children want to hug and hold. Moreover, with teddy bears children are not treated as a toy but as a friend. They will help children develop caring , caring and positive emotions.

Teddy bears may have more contact with girls. But this is also a toy for a 1-year-old boy. Mother should consider the material when choosing to buy.

6. Hand puppets

The toy set for 1-year-old boys will be more complete with this finger animal set. Mother’s stories will be a thousand times more interesting and vivid. In addition, mothers can also let their children wear animals and stimulate their own creativity . I will imitate you to create conversations for pet friends. These toys not only help children to move their fingers fluently, but also stimulate the imagination and creativity of the brain.

7. What toys do 1-year-olds play with? Simple jigsaw puzzle

Children at this age, mothers should not choose to buy toys for 1-year-old babies that are too complicated to assemble. Because if it’s too difficult, you will quickly get bored and give up. A 1-year-old boy only needs a set of basic blocks to learn. Basic connections between blocks will be a lesson for your child at this stage. Don’t forget to cheer and praise her enthusiastically every time she does it right!

8. Toy mirror

Babies under 1 year old can learn to observe and recognize faces. Make sure your baby will always see and react to his projection. The action of this 1-year-old boy toy will help your child learn to explore and stimulate curiosity.

9. Small balls

With balls, your child can practice holding, grasping and throwing objects. The muscles of the hands and arms will be worked out from this point on. So, please update this item to the list of toys for 1-year-old boys, and girls too, friends!

10. Toys that teach colors

Don’t just choose “masculine” colors for toys for 1-year-old boys. At your child’s age, both boys and girls love colorful palettes . Your child will be fascinated by the contrast of colors.


Finally, before choosing to buy toys for a 1-year-old baby, you need to ensure the origin, origin, safe and easy-to-handle materials without sharp edges.

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