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Scientific Tips To Avoid Illnesses In Summer

Babies born in the summer are less likely to catch a cold. Instead, there are a series of diseases that are very common in the summer. How to know how to take care of a baby in the summer?

Taking care of babies in the summer requires mothers to be meticulous, gentle, careful and hygienic, especially in the sweltering heat, to adults who also feel “crazy”. Do not forget that the baby’s body after birth is also very sensitive plus the immune system is still weak, improper care can make the baby sick immediately.

How to take care of a baby in the summer: Baby’s body is number 1!

Special attention should be paid to the umbilical cord of the newborn, when the baby has not shed the umbilical cord, everything related to newborn care must be meticulous so as not to affect this important part.

1. Navel Care

About 5 to 7 days after giving birth, the remaining navel will begin to dry out and fall off. Before shedding, the umbilical cord foot is not dry and scarred, so the mother needs to take care of it very carefully to avoid invading germs. In particular, on hot summer days, bacteria and viruses have more favorable conditions to grow.

Babies with immature immune systems are at a much higher risk of getting sick. You should wash your hands with soap and water, then disinfect again with alcohol every time you change the baby’s umbilical cord, mom!

2. Baby skin care

At birth, the baby’s skin is very soft and the connective tissue is loose, so bacteria can easily penetrate. Babies are prone to skin diseases or worse, bacteria that cause boils, chickenpox, etc., attack. Taking care of your baby’s skin is a very important part of the summer newborn care. This requires the mother to be meticulous, attentive, and observe the baby every day to detect even the smallest abnormalities on the baby’s skin.

In the hot summer, your baby will sweat more easily, and this is the reason why he or she is more likely to catch a cold or itchy rash. Therefore, the mother should regularly wipe the baby’s sweat.

Baby’s skin needs to be clean, dry and sweaty to avoid diseases such as heat rash and dermatitis. In addition to letting your child wear cool clothes, you should wipe your baby’s sweat regularly. Some types of bath water from plants and herbs are also very useful for babies in treating heat rash .

Many mothers wonder whether to use baby powder or not. Using baby powder is not harmful if the mother uses it correctly. First, you should pour talcum powder on your hands and then gently apply it to your baby. This step helps avoid the risk of your baby inhaling talcum powder.

When the mother has “pocketed” the above summer infant care methods, the baby will be taken care of more carefully and both mother and child will have a summer full of fun.

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3. Strengthen children’s immune system

The baby’s navel is very susceptible to infection during this time, so be careful!

Summer is also the time of outbreaks of diseases such as dengue fever, pneumonia, bronchitis, Japanese encephalitis, diarrhea, skin diseases… Newborns with poor immunity are more susceptible to infection. sick.

Mothers need to find out more information to accurately identify signs of illness in children, promptly detect even the smallest abnormal manifestations for timely treatment. Breastfeed your baby for as long as possible because this is the best way to strengthen the baby’s immune system.

Taking care of babies through activities: It must be cool inside and out

In the summer, in addition to strengthening the immune system and taking good care of the skin, mothers also need to pay attention to the effects of the environment to promptly respond.

1. Do not let the room temperature below 26ºC

The ability to regulate body temperature in newborns is still very weak. When the ambient temperature rises too high, the baby’s body temperature can rise. Therefore, mothers always have to check to ensure the baby’s temperature . You should also always keep the room well ventilated. If possible, keep the room temperature at least 25-26ºC. This helps your baby recover and maintain a normal body temperature.

At the same time, when putting the baby in an air-conditioned room, remember to wear long-sleeved clothes, a hat, mittens, gloves and a thin blanket for the baby. If your baby urinates, change the diaper quickly to avoid catching a cold.

2. Your baby needs more milk and other liquids in the summer. 

In the summer baby care tips, remember to make extra notes about rehydrating your baby.

Mom, if your baby is less than 6 months old, breastfeeding is the only and most perfect option to rehydrate on hot days. To increase the amount of milk for your baby on hot days, you should also drink a lot of water. Eat berry fruits such as watermelon, dragon fruit and avoid going out when it is hot, making the body dehydrated, reducing the amount of milk.

If your baby is already eating solids, you can also start adding other types of water for your baby such as filtered water, orange juice, carrot juice, etc. Not only am I excited for discovering all kinds of flavors, these drinks are also interesting. It also helps your baby to prevent the risk of dehydration leading to hyperthermia and constipation.

3. Take your baby out in the summer

Before taking your child out on the street, you often look at the thermometer in the house. This indicator is not accurate! The temperature outside and in the shade is different. The trolley is lower than the measured height. This indicates that your baby may be under more heat than you think.

Careful way of taking care of babies in the summer is to try to avoid exposing them to harsh sunlight. When you cover your baby and put it in the stroller, the temperature in the car compartment can be much higher than the temperature you are feeling. Why? It is due to the heat reflection of the concrete. The hot road surface will contribute to “heating” the baby’s stroller.

Your child is suffering from a horribly harsh environment. If the distance is short, you quickly bring your child from the car to a cool environment (commercial area, home, coffee shop …). Your baby can go into heat stroke when the temperature changes too quickly.

Summer is always hot and uncomfortable. In addition to taking care of herself, the mother also needs to pay attention to how to take care of a newborn baby in the summer to avoid the baby being attacked by bacteria.

During the summer, children’s diseases such as dengue fever , acute diarrhea, and hand, foot and mouth disease often occur. Besides, there are other small problems but also cause a lot of troubles for the mother such as dehydration, heat rash or heat in the baby’s body… To reduce the difficulty, the mother should prepare ways to take care of the newborn baby in the summer. summer to promptly apply whenever needed offline.

4. In summer, mom should pay attention to baby clothes

To begin with, mothers should know that summer care for newborns is not necessarily something as sublime as disease prevention. Taking care of your pet can start with a very small thing: Dressing in cool clothes suitable for the weather. The temperature outside is already high, but the mother still “warms up” the baby in warm clothes, which will cause the body temperature to rise, which can lead to fever due to perspiration back into the body due to a cold.

Cotton is a material that can meet this requirement well. Mothers should avoid materials such as wool, nylon because they do not absorb sweat.

In addition, the infant’s body temperature regulation mechanism is not as perfect as that of an adult’s, so it is easy for the baby to get too hot. To avoid a sudden increase in body temperature due to heat stroke, mothers should let their children wear thin, cool clothes and should not wear towels.

Another small note, is that the mother should choose thin diapers and good absorbency to avoid the accumulation of sweat causing rashes or diaper rash.

Note: If the mother notices the signs below, remove a layer of clothing or help the baby cool down by breastfeeding, drinking milk, turning on more fans, opening the window… Hot includes:

  • Sweat a lot
  • Sticky hair
  • Red rash on the skin
  • Baby cheeks are red
  • Breathe fast

5. Your baby needs to be bathed properly

The way to bathe a newborn baby basically has not changed, no matter how hot the outside temperature is, the mother should still use warm water to bathe the baby. Baby bath water should have a temperature approximately equal to body temperature, i.e about 37 degrees Celsius. Mothers should not use cold water to bathe the baby because it can frighten the baby and cause hypothermia.

In the summer, you can bathe your baby every day. However, because the baby’s skin is still too thin, you should not bathe your baby too many times in a day. This can strip away the baby’s natural protective layer and moisture, reducing the skin’s ability to protect itself.

How to bathe, clean and swaddle your baby.

  • When the baby sweats, the mother should use a soft cotton towel dipped in warm water and wipe the baby’s body. If sweat is released a lot without being cleaned, the pores are clogged, then the baby will easily catch a cold.
  • Because newborn babies are small, when bathing babies, they need to be quick, avoid letting them soak in water for too long, and don’t bathe too many times. After bathing, it is necessary to quickly dry, clean the baby’s umbilical cord carefully and properly and swaddle the baby.
  • Thoroughly wash the genitals, buttocks, and groin area after going to the toilet and changing diapers often for children.
  • Do not wear diapers for the whole day, but sometimes need to let the baby “naked” for about 10-15 minutes to be comfortable.

With this summer infant care, in addition to 1 bath as usual, the mother can wipe her body with warm water 1-2 times a day to help her baby feel comfortable, not sticky with dirt, sweat on the body.

In addition, mothers should also choose soaps specifically for babies to avoid skin irritation! Note, the mother should not use too much shower gel, because the baby’s skin can become dry when exposed to a lot of cosmetics

Baby can be bathed in the morning or at night before going to bed

6. Killing mosquitoes – An indispensable way to take care of babies in the summer

Summer is the breeding season for mosquitoes. They are the vectors of dangerous diseases such as dengue fever, zika, etc. Therefore, every time we enter the summer and rainy season, we need to once again tighten our guard against these uninvited guests. . Mothers can use mosquito repellent incense, electric mosquito nets, mosquito catching lights and periodic spraying of insecticides to keep mosquitoes away from their house.

In addition, remember to let your child sleep in a mosquito net, even when napping to limit the risk of mosquito bites.

Apply these summer baby care tips to make sure your baby is healthy and comfortable.

MarryBaby’s articles are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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