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Important note to take care of a 2-month baby

How is the care of a 2-month-old infant different from the first month? What are the most important and indispensable notes? All are in the following article. Don’t miss your mom!

Taking care of a newborn baby in the first months of life is extremely important. Let’s see how to take care of a 2-month-old baby right away so that you don’t take care of your baby the wrong way!

What can a 2 month old baby do?

The baby’s world is not only eating and sleeping anymore, but has added bright smiles, babbling babbles or mischievous hand movements. The 2-month-old baby begins to develop the senses on the body. Children can recognize different faces and voices of their parents. This is a time when many important changes take place for your baby. The time the infant breastfeeds and sleeps has become more regular. More specifically, what can a 2-month-old baby do?

1. Color Recognition

This is quite interesting for baby and mother. At this time, the mother can buy colorful toys and play with the baby. Basically, babies recognize two colors black and white. However, the eyes are always wide open and attentive to the small objects hanging near the face, sometimes reaching out to touch lightly enough to make the mother feel like the baby knows a lot, has been interested in the toy she bought. This is an effective way to care for a 2-month-old baby because it helps them get used to colors.

2. The movement of holding, holding

The baby was able to give her mother’s gentle fists, sometimes startling her mother when she held her hair or the lapel of her shirt. The beautiful little hands sometimes spread their fingers wide or hold the hand for a long time. It’s not a habit of thumb sucking, if you see your baby put his hand in his mouth, it’s just a natural reflex.

Baby starts to know “talking”, every mother’s day is more joyful

3. Talk about gossip

At the 4th week of the 2nd month, the baby loves to “talk about”. After giving birth, this is probably the biggest change that a mother feels. Lovely expressions such as grinning, puckering or gazing at the other’s mouth movements will “beat the heart” of any mother. Babies also often smack their mouths or make unknown sounds like “e..ê”, “a..a”, “ou..ou”… and tend to repeat those familiar sounds over and over. daily.

4. Feel the sound

Like the sight, hearing of a 2-month-old infant is also in the process of being matured. So the baby will get the sounds nearby. The specific manifestation is that the baby can turn his head and face towards the sound. Babies especially enjoy hearing the voices of their mothers or loved ones.

Things moms need to know about how to take care of a 2-month-old baby

In addition to the amount of milk per feeding or giving the baby enough sleep, there are also some notable issues in how to care for a 2-month-old infant to ensure overall health and development.

1. Height, weight of babies

Babies of all ages will have different heights and weights. Mothers need to know the average height and weight of a 2-month-old infant in order to have the right care for the baby.

The first 2 months of life is a period of rapid growth. A 2-month-old will continue to grow at the same rate as a 1-month-old, gaining about 2.5 to 4 cm in length and 1 kg this month. These are just averages. Your baby may grow a little faster or slower and there is a chance of a growth spurt.

2. Choosing toys is a way to take care of a 2-month-old baby

Mothers should choose toys that are easy to hold and make many different sounds, let the baby find the place to make the sound to practice hearing for the baby. Buy some toys that hang and make sounds on the nightstand that can attract your baby’s attention. These toys are both visual and auditory exercise for babies.

The best way to take care of a 2-month-old baby: Learn while playing!

3. Breastfeed on demand

One of the ways to take care of a 2-month-old baby is to breastfeed on time. Compared to a newborn baby, the feeding time of a 2-month-old baby will be longer. Babies also need more feeds. If you’re breastfeeding, you may need to feed your baby from both breasts to get enough for one feed.

4. Let your baby get enough sleep

Compared to the first month, your baby sleeps a little less, usually about 18 hours a day. During the day, they usually sleep 3-4, each sleep is about 1 and a half to 2 hours. After waking up during the day, the baby plays for about 1.5-2 hours and then sleeps again. And at night, sleep time is from 10-12 hours. Following about a week of changing this sleeping habit , the mother can adjust the time to live and play with the baby. This is also a remarkable thing in how to take care of a 2-month-old baby, mom!

5. How to take care of a 2-month-old baby – Learning while playing!

To help the baby’s senses develop comprehensively, mothers should talk and play with the baby a lot during this time. Your baby’s hearing is still developing, so he can only listen to nearby sounds. Babies love to hear the voices of people around them. The baby will turn his or her face towards the source of the voice. Mothers should tell their children stories, be it stories that happen every day in the family or fairy tales. Even if your baby doesn’t fully understand what you say, your baby will respond according to the tone you make. The silly sounds like “e eh…” “aa…” are the baby’s answer to his mother’s story.

When talking to the baby, the mother should pay attention to regulate the volume of her voice up and down rhythmically. Mothers can hum songs, nursery rhymes with happy rhythms that will keep the baby interested and focused. A 2-month-old baby can’t distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar people, so telling stories regularly also helps babies get used to, like and cling to their mothers more.

If the baby does not react when the mother tells the story, or the baby’s eyes do not look at the objects around him but look innocent, the mother should take the baby to the hospital for examination.

Playing and learning at the same time is the way to take care of a 2-month-old infant that mothers should apply during this period. To develop the baby’s visual area well, mothers should choose toys with many colors. In addition, toys that make different sounds will help your baby practice hearing. The colorful toy wheels and sounds are very suitable for babies at this stage. Decorating the baby’s room with colorful, vivid drawings is also what parents should do.

6. Baby massage

In addition to taking care of a 2-month-old infant by talking to help the baby develop senses, mothers can also massage to strengthen the immune system. Massage helps babies relax, digest well and sleep easily. Mothers can massage the baby every day with simple movements such as gently rolling the arms, massaging the calves, twirling the baby’s cheeks …

Massage is also an activity that brings love to children through being touched by parents, massaging all over the body, feeling scents and listening to parents’ voices.

Massage is a way to care for a 2-month-old baby that brings love

7. Vaccination schedule

Vaccines will protect your baby from dangerous diseases. The ways to care for a 2-month-old infant cannot miss a single dose of the vaccine, because every shot is important during this period. In addition, do not forget to take your baby to the clinic or hospital for regular health check-ups.

8. Diseases often appear

  • Dehydration: When the child has one of the signs such as dark yellow urine, dry mouth and lips, after 6 hours without wetting a diaper, you need to consult a doctor to promptly solve it. Dehydration can cause brain damage and even death.
  • Asthma: Children should not be near places with cigarette smell or dusty spaces, near cooking areas will have many irritating odors that irritate the lining of the baby’s respiratory tract, creating potential risk of asthma.

9. Comfort when baby is fussy

A 2-month-old newborn baby will cry a lot, causing many troubles and difficulties for parents.

Due to the tendency of the baby’s nervous system to gradually mature and mature, the baby will express emotions to the surrounding social stimuli. Therefore, when the baby is fussy, the mother should pay attention and know how to take care of a 2-month-old baby or cry.

Usually the baby wants to eat, sleep or is uncomfortable due to insect bites… You should take your baby out to calm down and make him laugh.

10. How to take care of a 2-month-old newborn – Know a reasonable schedule for your baby

  • How many times a day your baby feeds: At 2 months old, breastfed babies can feed about 8 times in 24 hours. Formula-fed babies usually eat less, about every 4 hours. Now that your baby feeds more at a time, he will feed less and sleep longer at night.
  • How much your baby eats at each feed: Newborns usually feed for at least 10 minutes. Bottle-fed babies eat about 148–177ml – some more and some less – at a time.

Things to avoid in how to take care of a 2-month-old baby

2 month old babies have not yet fully developed their senses. Therefore, in the way of taking care of a 2-month-old infant, mothers should avoid strong impacts on the baby. Strong light from the sun, from the lamp should not shine directly into the baby’s eyes. Mothers who have a habit of taking pictures to preserve baby moments, should avoid using light, because it will affect the baby’s visual development.

You also need to limit loud sounds that affect your baby. The baby should be in a place with good soundproofing, the quietness will be good for the baby’s sleep.

Babies 2 months old should be exclusively breastfed. Avoid giving your baby cow’s milk, tea, carbonated water, etc. Because during this time, the baby’s nutrition only comes from the mother, so the mother should not diet to avoid the nutritional imbalance affecting the baby. child’s development.

How to take care of a 2 month old baby?


  1. Know the height and weight of a 2-month-old baby
  2. Choose a toy
  3. Breastfeed on demand
  4. Let your baby get enough sleep
  5. Learning while playing
  6. Baby massage
  7. Vaccination schedule
  8. Diseases often appear
  9. Comfort when baby is crying
  10. Know your baby’s schedule

Hopefully, with the ways to take care of a 2-month-old baby MarryBaby revealed above, taking care of your baby will become a lot simpler for mom.

With some notes on how to take care of a 2-month-old baby above, mothers can feel more secure to both play and rest with their baby.

MarryBaby’s articles are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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