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Effects Of Pillows On Infant Development

What impact do pillows have on the development of children? At what age should a child sleep with a pillow? How to choose a pillow to help children have a deep sleep and keep good health? All those questions will be explained by the following article.

Children under 2 years old should not be given a pillow

Do not let children under 2 years of age lie on a pillow, else you can pillow your child’s head with a soft towel about 1mm high or put your baby on a mattress just soft enough for them to have a deep sleep . That’s the advice healthcare professionals give parents. Because according to experts, children under 2 years old, their head bones are still very soft, so it is easy to deform such as flattened head, distorted head bones when the baby sleeps on a pillow for too long with a certain position.

Because the spine of a child at birth is a straight line, that is, the head and back must be straight, so when the head is pillowed, the neck will be bent, the spine will change shape, affecting the development of the spine and the baby. The risk of spinal deformities in children is very high. More dangerously, at this stage, the neck bones and cartilage are still very soft, so the baby is not able to lift the neck by himself, so when the baby’s head is not properly supported, the baby’s neck will be bent and the pharynx will be blocked. for the baby to easily choke, leading to suffocation.

Not to mention that the baby’s sensitive skin can be irritated and itchy with the pillow lining material and adversely affect sleep, making it difficult for the baby to sleep and cry.

The impact of pillows on the physical and mental development of young children

Choosing a suitable pillow to help them sleep well is something that parents should pay attention to because sleep for babies is extremely important. A soft pillow suitable for children at each stage of development will give them a comfortable and pleasant sleep, helping the blood vessels running along the cervical spine to feed the brain without being compressed, especially avoiding pressure. risk of spinal deformity, shortness of breath, cervical scoliosis.

Therefore, choosing an appropriate pillow for children is one of the secrets to help children possess an ideal body and mind during development.

Baby’s bones are still weak, so when sleeping, let your baby stretch his legs comfortably

How to choose a pillow for a child

Choosing a pillow with soft material 

Pillow cover with soft material is the first concern in the secret to choosing a pillow for children. Today, the material of pillow intestines is very diverse, from natural materials to artificial fibers, so parents should choose reputable brands to ensure safety for the health of their children young. New mothers should choose the pillow intestines light, airy, easy to dry to facilitate regular washing, cleaning the pillow intestines, because young children often cry, drool and sweat a lot while sleeping.

But families should not choose the pillow so soft that when the child lies on it, the pillow sinks completely. Need to choose a pillow with moderate hardness, moderate softness. Because a hard pillow will not be good for the baby’s skull, and a soft and too soft pillow may press against the baby’s nose, causing suffocation. Especially for babies who are learning to roll over, when the baby is face down, it will be difficult for the baby to turn over and the possibility of the baby suffocating is very high.

Suitable and appropriate pillow size for the child’s head
The pillow size should not be too wide, just choose just enough for the child’s head to avoid suffocation for the child.
Do not choose pillows that are too high or too low because they will affect the respiratory system and blood circulation in the neck, making it difficult for children to sleep.

How to place a pillow for children
According to experts, placing a pillow deep at the nape of the neck, close to the shoulder neck, slightly bent neck, tilted back 10-15 degrees will give the child the most comfortable and safest lying position.

In addition, absolutely should not let the child lie on the pillow of an adult because it is easy to suffocate and sink his head when sleeping and should not use too many pillows, or soft screens in the baby’s bed, because if the baby accidentally moves his hand, Screws in the face will risk causing the baby to have difficulty breathing.

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