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Caring For A 6-Month-Old Baby-Parents Must Know

Babies really need complementary foods for their healthy development, because breast milk supply after 6 months is not enough to meet the daily nutritional needs of children  anymore. Besides, at this stage, the baby also has developmental milestones that parents need  to understand to help the baby develop healthy.


At the age of 6 months, babies officially enter a new stage

What can a 6-month old baby do?

  • For 6 months baby when lying on his back, he can put his feet in his mouth.
  • Baby can roll from supine to prone position, stomach to back. When lying on his back, he can put his feet in his mouth and can crawl back before lying on his stomach.


Babies can also grasp objects and transfer objects from one hand to the other

  • Baby can sit without much support. Baby can also grasp objects and transfer objects from one hand to the other, or reach for objects. At this age there may be one or two teeth.
  • At the age of 6 months, the baby can recognize who is a stranger, does not follow his father and grandmother when he does not like or only follows his mother. Baby already recognizes when someone calls her name, her eyes will follow the direction of the caller
  • Baby can smile and laugh out loud. Babies love to hear other people talk to them or play with them, especially their parents. In particular, a 6-month-old baby can babble (pronounce consonants) and squeal. If a toy is stolen, your baby may get upset and cry.


For a 6-month-old baby, he can roll from the supine position to the stomach

Note about  the mile regime of 6 months old baby

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, babies will be introduced to solid foods when they are 6 months old because at this time their digestive system has fully developed, so they can absorb solid and complex foods. than breast milk. At this stage, nutritionists encourage parents to start the period of introducing solid foods when the child is 6 months old and ends at 24 months.

 If the baby is introduced to solid foods too early, it will not be beneficial for the child, because the digestive system of the child under 6 months of age only accepts and is suitable for the digestion of liquid foods such as breast milk. Many parents try to prepare foods at a liquid level like breast milk to supplement their babies. However, the nutritional value of this type of processed product is low enough to ensure the normal development of children.

 If giving solid foods too late after 6 months of age, children are often undernourished because the concentration of nutrients in liquid food is not enough to meet the daily needs of children over 6 months of age, making children grow slowly. and susceptible to infections because the child’s immune system is too weak.

Therefore, 6-month-old babies should continue to be breastfed or receive iron-fortified infant formula as their primary source of nutrition.


We recommend starting solids when your baby is 6 months old

 About the addition of juice with 6-month-old children: At this age, juice is not necessary, but if you still want to give it to your baby, do not drink more than 120-180 ml per day. Can add water and fruit to dilute.

 Can give your baby canned food or homemade meats, vegetables and pureed fruit.

Alternatively, your baby can also eat iron-fortified cereals once or twice a day. Introduce your baby to just one new food at a time.

 Use foods with only one ingredient to determine if your baby has an allergic reaction to any food. Baby food without added sugar, salt or fat.

Doctor’s advice

At this age if parents see any unusual signs such as:

 Does not have any response to surrounding noises,

*  Baby does not make any sound,

* Not yet stiff neck, not yet aware of acquaintances and strangers,

*  Can’t sit

These manifestations can be signs of problems related to hearing, mental retardation…. That’s why parents need to take their baby to see a doctor soon.

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