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Baby Care: 4 Important Parts To Concern

The fontanel on the head

Partly because the baby’s skull bones have not joined together and create a depression. Partly to accommodate the narrow “outway” from the uterus to the outside. Every newborn baby ‘s head has a fontanel, divided into anterior fontanelle and posterior fontanelle. When the baby is 3 months old, the skull joint is completely closed and the posterior fontanel disappears. The anterior fontanel takes longer, must wait until the baby is over a year old to officially harden, then dive.

Usually, mothers very limited impact on this part of the baby. Seeing the fontanelle move with each breath, which mother does not feel anxious and bewildered. However, in reality, there is no need to be so afraid. The top of the fontanelle has a very thick membrane, which protects the fontanelle very well. As long as the mother does not have a strong impact when taking care of the baby , this membrane is absolutely not damaged.

Dead skin on the head

Many newborn babies after a few days of birth often have brown dead skin on their heads. In no hurry to consider aesthetics, this dead skin layer, if not cared for properly, is very easy to peel off and bleed when the scalp is removed. shower or brush your hair.

To remove this unpleasant layer of dead skin, mothers should look to buy products specifically made for babies, at pharmacies or baby stores. This type of solution helps to soften dead skin, making them slowly peel off gently and without leaving a trace. Absolutely do not use a comb or peel off dead skin, the baby can hurt and hurt the skin.

Baby’s umbilical cord

The navel of a newborn baby is a part that should be paid special attention to and should be kept dry regularly. When changing a baby’s diaper, you need to be careful not to let urine and feces get into the baby’s umbilical cord. When bathing the baby, the mother should not let the water soak into the navel for too long, and after bathing, use a soft gauze soaked in a specialized alcohol solution to clean the baby’s navel.

Whenever the umbilical cord part is observed to have abnormal signs such as redness, oozing, etc., the mother should immediately take the baby to the doctor for examination to avoid infection.

Anal and genitals

In the process of taking care of a baby, this is the most troublesome part. Most mothers use paper diapers for convenience in changing, wearing, and cleaning. However, in the hot season, if you don’t pay attention, wearing diapers containing feces or urine for too long can cause infection, diaper rash. It is best to combine using both diapers and cloth diapers in the hot season to limit this situation.

After the baby defecates, the mother should use a soft towel and warm water to clean the baby. After that, dry the baby, so leave a little time for the baby to “dry” naturally, do not swaddle or put on pants for the baby immediately.

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