Baby Care

5 Babycare Experiences For The First Time Mom

1. Use safe cleaning products

According to the infant care experience of those who went before, choose cleaners with non-toxic, environmentally friendly ingredients. Because the skin of children, especially babies is very sensitive, you should absolutely stay away from detergents that contain chemicals.

2. Deodorize the air with baking soda

Some plants can help you remove toxins from the air but cannot completely remove odors from impurities in daily life. Cleanipedia ‘s newborn care experience tells you, use baking soda to eliminate odors . Simply mix baking soda into a bucket of water, cover your mouth with a cloth, then place the bucket near your baby’s clothes basket or diaper bag to filter the air.

3. Washing baby clothes

Baby clothes are very soft so you cannot wash them with adult clothes. Currently on the market there are many types of baby laundry detergent that are both safe for children and can clean stains such as milk or urine. Mothers should often tell each other their experience of taking care of babies, after washing, instead of drying, take advantage of sunlight to dry children’s clothes.

4. Make soap to repel fruit flies

Still know that baby’s food is carefully processed and stored, but should also be wary of the entry of flies and especially fruit flies. People often tell each other to mix apple cider vinegar with dishwashing liquid and place it near food dishes or places where flies gather. They will be attracted to the smell of vinegar and land, at which time the soap will cause flies to stick to their feet and get stuck in the dishwashing liquid.

5. Clean children’s toys regularly

Children tend to explore the world with their hands and mouths, they can put anything in their mouths they see. Make sure to keep the toys around your baby clean. Revealing to you the experience of taking care of babies applied by many mothers is: You mix vinegar and detergent (specialized detergent for babies) into a spray bottle, shake well and spray all over the surface. items. Leave them on for 15-20 minutes and then wipe them off with a wet cloth.

Newborns are quite weak when they first get used to the environment outside the womb. Please pay attention to keep the house clean to ensure the safety of the baby’s health. Especially the floor area because this is where many people pass and easily accumulate bacteria and pathogens.

Hopefully, through the above sharing, young mothers will know how to care and protect their beloved children more scientifically and effectively. If you have any other questions about how to take care of your baby, don’t hesitate to share with Cleanipedia for answers.

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